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Die Before Honor

~ - Be careful what you read.. - ~

21 May
---This journal is pretty much inactive. But it's fun to go back and read the way I thought and felt when I was 18/19 and just discovering the world.


30 yrs old
Surface Warfare Officer
Nuclear Engineer
United States Naval Academy, Class of 2011
Former MM3
Guitarist (not musician)
AKKA - NiDan, 2nd Degree Black Belt [former Senior Instructor]
12 gauge, 26 beers, absu, alexisonfire, anime, anthrax, arch enemy, as i lay dying, at the gates, atreyu, auf der mer, avenged sevenfold, beach at night, beyond the embrace, black cars, black label society, black rose immortal, black sabbath, blackwater park, bleeding through, booley's, booleys house, breedinground, burger king, cannibal corpse, chappelles show, children of bodom, chrno crusade, clubbing, cold, cradle of filth, darkest hour, darkness, dating, devil driver, dimmu borgir, donnie darko, down, downtown, drain sth, driving, evergreen terrace, exhorder, extreme sports, fenway, final fantasty, fire, five pointe 0, football, foreplay, from autumn to ashes, girlfriends, girls, god forbid, goth girls, gothic necessity, h.i.m., hatebreed, heaven shall burn, high altitudes, hooking up, hotties, ihop at 130am, in flames, insanity, inuyasha, kinky, kissing, lacuna coil, lamb of god, linked lists, martial arts, metal guitar, mexxxys, mikael aderfelt, mordor, mudvayne, mushroomhead, music, mustangs, my chemical romance, my civic, night, nuclear propulsion, nuke, old mans child, opeth, ozzy, pantera, paranoid, parties, patriots, racing, random acts of violence, red sox, resident evil, scarling, semantics, sensual, sex, slayer, snow, snowball fights, snowboarding, snowboarding again, soilwork, solo-ing on my guitar, south park, sparring, st augustine, stonehill, submarines, superjoint ritual, the darkness, the mexican!, the used, thrice, thursday, underoath, united states navy, weight training, winter, zakk wylde