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The Number 70 [Jun. 14th, 2010|12:46 am]
Die Before Honor
[Current Location |San Diego, CA]
[mood |Humble]
[music |Xmas Day - Sevendust]

IT's the number that I can see from here as I glance out my window.  The window belongs to a hotel on NASNI... that is, Naval Air Station North Island.  Tomorrow I will wake up and head to a little squadron PT at 0700 and the rest of the day will be spent relaxing.  Maybe going to the beach.  Who knows? 

I'm in San Diego.  It's been quite some time since I've posted.  Let me update.  I'm on an aviation cruise with HSM-70.  The Raptors.  We fly MH-60R's and make cool missions become reality.  Well, they do, at least.  I'm just a Midshipman.  I'm now a 1/C Middy, and since having been enlisted for a couple years and going through the last 3 years of the Naval Academy, I feel like I've been doing this for a lifetime.

You know, almost a year ago (in 8 days), Hannah and I officially became a couple?  Despite the previous year of our off / on relationship prior to June 22, 2009.   Well, it's now June 14, 2010.  Unfortunately I won't be with Hannah on our official 1-year anniversary but I still have something pretty awesome planned for my return on the 25th.  It's weird to think of myself as a senior midshipman at the Naval Academy. I'll be the company's drill officer and adjutant for the first semester.  One is an easy job and the other, if taken seriously, is not an easy job.  I'll have to stick to my principles and work hard at the drill scheme of things.

I'm working with 21 other senior midshipmen on a project for Boeing.  At least, I will be.  The Cockpit of the Future.  Interesting idea, I'd say.  Other than this senior Capstone Project, there's not much else that's new.  I'm going to service select Naval Aviation because of the challenge I find in learning how to fight the aircraft.  That is to say, learning how to make my aircraft a weapon of my skill at flight.  I'm going to put Marine Aviation as second because I heavily respect the values and tradition the Marines maintain to this day.  We'll see where I end up.  I was a Nuke before and I may just be selected to become a Nuke Officer this time around.  It's funny how I arrived at USNA with the idea that I was going to be a Nuke Officer and how I've changed over the past several years.

Aside from my job, Hannah and I have quite a future ahead of us, if we so choose such a journey.  We talk of the future yet we still let each individual day happen.  I get along great with her family and she gets along great with mine!  She's certainly the only person in existence like her.  I daresay that there hasn't been anybody like her in my life.  She's a dare devil yet her ability to maintain her responsibilties, sense of humility and respect while also finding a true skill of military leadership is truly something impressive and of the rarest things anyone can find in this cold world.  I'm lucky to be so fortunate as to be the man that can always find a way to make her laugh and smile while finding a new way to make her fall in love with me every single day.  I'm blessed, as God has made us blessed, and so I'm eternally thankful for this time in my life. 

I'll be piloting the helo on Tues, Wedn and Thurs.  After this week, I'll prepare heavily for me return into Plebe Summer 2010 where the Class of 2014 will arrive and learn what it means to be inducted into the ranks of the Brigade of Midshipmen.  My mission, with respect and attention to that of USNA, is to instill respect and humility into these new midshipmen.  The Navy will always need good officers that lead while maintaining their principles of respect and humility towards the men they serve and lead.  There is no leadership without service to those you lead and help.  The fundamental understanding comes from the very basics of first learning how to remain humble and show respect in the military to those around you, regardless of rank.  And when I'm assigned my squad in just 3 weeks, I will make sure they understand how important this tenet is.

It's probably time to sleep.  I'll need the rest if I want to PT well in 6 hours.  Evening dreams, World, my Love.

Oh, and the number 70 is lit up heavily because it's on the command tower of a carrier in port close to me.  Such a beautiful sight     :)